Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff Is A Common Scalp Piece Of Dry Skin Flake Off Of The Scalp Dandruff May Have Several Causes Including Irritated Oily Skin. Dry Skin A Yeast Like Fungus Malassezia That Feeds On Oil On The Scalps Of Most Adults.

Our Therapist Will Give Treatment Based On Scalp Analysing.

UV (Ultra Voilet Ray)

UV rays can have an anti-inflammatory and drying effect on the scalp,  And make the Fungus Stop Spreading.


This Solution Is Clinically Approved And Tested To Clear Fungus And It Is Shampoo Based.


Steam Is The Great Way To Cleanse And Open Your Pores That helps Loosen Any Build Up Of Dirt And Relax The Scalp.

Serum Application

Serum Application will Be Person To Person According To Their Fungus Stage. That's The Final Step to Dandruff Treatment. More Than 3 Sittings Give the Best Result.