Skin Rejuvanation

AROMA THERAPY for Skin Rejuvenation

Aroma Facial  Was Done By Aroma Therapist With All Blended Oil , Mineral Scrub , With Dual Pack, Back Massage , Stream With Atlast Animal  Mud Pack. I'll Give High Rejuvenation To Skin . 


To Clear Dead Skin And  Give Rejuvenation Help For New Skin. It Acts As an Instant Result For Glowing Skin.


Yoga Facial Focus On Relaxing Chakras. The Facial Also Erases Lines And Wrinkles To Leave Your Facial Skin And Muscle Tightened And Youthful. Sandalwood,myrrh And Frankincense Provide A Holistic Skin Treatment That Leaves Your Skin Rejuvenated, Radiant And Free Of Any Impurities.


The Jewell Facial Is Our Unique Signature For Spa Facial. It Is a 5 Step Professional Treatment That Takes Just 55 Minutes. The Goodness Of Precious Stone And Trace Elements Of Gold And Silver Tones And Add Radiance To The Skin.


The Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial Is An Unique Preparation And An Exceptional Contribution To The Salon Service And Spa Service. This Facial Is A 3rd Treatment That Takes 30 Minutes. Formulated With Activated Bamboo Charcoal, This Formulation Is Immensely Effective In Enhancing The Quality Of The Skin With Its Dee Cleansing Properties