Eye Brows Shaping

Eyebrows shapes are so important. Good eyebrows can instantly lift your face, which is why it's important to map out your brows .Threading, arabic eyebrow shaping ( using wax), permanent eyebrows, eyebrow pigmentation are all done by our experts. 

Chin Threading

Chin threading procedure removes unwanted facial hair. It provides a precise and longer-lasting solution for those looking to achieve a flawless complexion. 


Forehead threading procedure  remove unwanted hair from the forehead and hairline, leaving a smoother and polished appearance. 


Side threading removes unwanted hair from the sides of the face, typically from the area around the lower eye line down to the just above the chin area 


Upper lip threading can remove the finest of hairs. The results of upper lip threading can last for several weeks, but the hair will eventually grow back. However, over time, the hair may grow back thinner and less noticeable.